Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Carpet Cleaning In Kosciusko & Fulton Counties

Why choose The Carpet Butler?
  • All work is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Over 20 years experience as a small business owner.
State of the art truck mounted carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment that thoroughly cleans your carpet and upholstery. Our cleaning method gets rids of harmful bacteria, fungus, dirt, chemicals, pollens, and tobacco residue and allows deep cleaning and faster drying.

The biggest advantage of using The Carpet Butler is that it is an owner-operated business. We are the ones who will be cleaning your carpets and upholstery each and every time you call. Don't settle for a different unknown, untrained person every time you need your carpets or upholstery cleaned.
With The Carpet Butler you will "See the Difference Quality Makes"
Let us know if there is any way we can be of service to you. If you or anyone you know needs quality service with reliable and consistent care in carpets and upholstery cleaning or are interested in receiving a free estimate, call us at (574) 491-4882

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